Lance Sumner

About Me

  • I was born in Sacramento, California and lived in a small suburb town of Rio Linda close to the American River.   I guess if I had to say one thing about me is that I’ve always been a Dreamer of Big Things and that has never changed today. In my home town after High School not much was happening to get life going and I just wanted so much more so shortly after High School I decided to go into the U.S. Army and spent 22 years in service and now retired in Virginia where I support the service members in a civilian capacity – Still LOVE the Fact of having a “MISSION”.

  • I have worked hard to provide for my family and give them more than I ever had while growing up. I have and continue to achieve Higher Levels of Success in achieving a continued and growing Lifestyle of Prosperity and this is mostly due to working from home and online.  I would say most know that Money isn’t everything, but it is needed to cover the bills, pay mortgages, and all those other things that are necessary to get by.

  • So the Best and #1 Thing I have done is to work consistently and diligently with a “Never Give Up” mentality in building my Online Business and to continue Increasing Wealth.  It is such a Great Feeling when you get that “Breakthrough” with the income level because it just gives YOU a FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want such as in Travel with the Family, Purchase of some Cool Things, and just Enjoy Life in a more fulfilled way.

  • Lastly, for those that have taken the time to read this is that I encourage you to “Stay the Course” with that “Never Give Up” mentality to achieve whatever Success means for YOU.


Lance Sumner