Best Traffic Sources and Online Success Elements

Best Traffic Sources


Essential Success Elements & Best Traffic Sources… How To Use Them Profitably

Contrary to what you probably believe or know right now… You Really Don’t Have A Traffic Problem… and if you’re not making money right now, you’re just a few steps away!

Believe it or not Getting traffic is actually the easiest part of your entire business.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and hundreds of other sites would love nothing more than to send you a flood of traffic at a moment’s notice.

But… if you’re getting traffic and it’s not profitable, you might have an offer problem… or perhaps you’re still missing some of the key elements you need to have set up to really make your business thrive.

First and foremost you must have a solid offer that CONVERTS!!… Here’s the well-proven business opportunity offer I use and recommend. It’s actually a complete online business with a proven sales funnel that converts, while allowing you to work just a few hours per week from anywhere…

Here’s some proof ==>


click here to check it out, and join to become part of my inner circle mentoring group

this offer already includes a proven and effective complete sales funnel, high-ticket commissions, done-for-you sharable content… along with having your own personal coach and me as your personal mentor.

Now… if you’re not going to join my team here, then before you start buying Traffic…

Here’s What You Absolutely Need To Do And Have In Place To Be Profitable With Whatever Offer You May Be Promoting…

An Effective Sales Funnel:

  1. Capture Page (also called an optin page… to build your email list which is very important for #3 below)
  2. Sales Page/VSL. Typically a sales video or also known as a Video Sales Letter (VSL) for an initial offer, with subsequent automatic upsells and/or downsells.
  3. A Good Followup Email Marketing Process. This can and should be mostly automated and is the key to getting the majority of your sales. Leave this out, and you falter on making the most in building your business. I recommend Aweber if you’re looking for a good email and autoresponder system that has everything you need professionally.

If you’re missing any of the above elements, I recommend you fix that ASAP before you continue with any traffic.

Now.. let’s CRANK out some traffic…

Quick review on FREE vs. PAID traffic: Paid traffic is by far the fastest way to get results (Leads and Sales) in your business and build your list quickly. However, I highly recommend that you consistently work at least one free traffic strategy in addition to any paid marketing you’re doing. The reason is this…. ALL the free traffic strategies that will be shared below will continue to build a large web of content for you online that will create influence, authority and credibility for YOU!… this will only help to increase the results you get from any paid marketing you do. Although pretty much all free traffic strategies will take a lot more time to build, but the rewards are great. Remember that as you’re just getting started, and don’t allow yourself to get frustrated in the beginning when you’re not seeing immediate results on the traffic from your efforts. Paid traffic is fast, but free traffic strategies are all about CONSISTENCY over TIME!

My Personal and Best Traffic Sources

What You need to know is there are literally hundreds of traffic sources available online and the difficulty is to find what works and is not what I consider junk.  That being said you’ll notice I only use a few. Every traffic source is different, and many are complete trash…. when it comes to traffic (especially paid sources), watch out for the HQ Solo Ad Queens!!!

These are the sources I use and recommend…


My Recommendation On ‘Done For You’ Traffic

Igor Kheifets Solo Ads <==

Igor in my opinion is at the Top on the Net when it comes to Solo Ads and he provides high quality with a guarantee on optin rate and also provides a Done-for-You email service tailored to You and your Offer. This is critical because quite a number of those who join your business will come from the follow-up. Also, remember quality traffic does cost more than the usual solo ad sellers out here on the NET who rarely provide the results you are after. <==

This is a turn-key done for you traffic source and super easy to use. A few clicks of your mouse, and the clicks will start flowing typically within 24-48 hours after submitting your order. They maintain targeted banners across a large network of related websites that specifically target people looking to make more money, work from home, start a home business, etc.

I have personally been using this traffic for quite awhile and continue to get solid consistent results… that’s why I recommend it as a great ‘done for you’ broker traffic source.

Pay close attention to this piece though… This traffic source sells multiple types of traffic and leads, but I only recommend purchasing the “My Autopilot Web Traffic” click packages. Click here to go directly to that correct page. You can click the link above the video to go to the traffic order page. You can also add specific instructions such as.. “send my clicks evenly over next 7 days.”, or “send my clicks as fast as possible.” This ability to spread out your clicks is a big deal and simply not possible with other types of done for you traffic, like solo ads.

TrafficforMe <==

Quality traffic that will help you build your list in quickly and increase your profits.  You will have Many choices on types of traffic that you would like to run for your campaigns.  Check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Traffic Authority <==

This traffic source allows you not only to receive quality traffic and leads, but also allows you to earn as a “Reseller” of traffic for your Team and any other Business Builder that may need traffic.  This easily builds an additional stream of income.

Facebook Ads

Facebook can be quite effective as a marketing strategy, but take the time to learn it right. There are many paid Facebook Ads courses available online, however… if you’re looking to market a home business or network marketing opportunity, you will be best served to pay close attention below to prevent your account from being shut down. This will keep you safe and allow you to create a profitable ads campaign that lasts:

Use a personalized custom funnel only!

DON’T link your ad to a company replicated website, capture page, or sales presentation. You need to create a custom funnel and use your own specific domain that you can easily pickup at Godaddy, etc….

This is the flow that is working best for me right now…

Custom capture page (with no income claims) –> Personal bridge video (max 2 minutes) that introduces me and an offer to learn more about the system I use –>Sales video for my home business offer. You could also create a free giveaway (PDF, Video, training, etc.) that your target market may want and need, and use that as what is called a lead magnet or offer on your capture page.

Make sure each of your funnel pages contains a link to your Privacy Policy and Contact Us page. (TIP: you can use the free privacy policy generator at to create a Facebook compliant privacy policy in seconds.)

There are many tools you can use to create this funnel such as Clickfunnels, Leadpages, etc… LeadPages is a little cheaper than Clickfunnels and based on your budget may be a good fit and allows you to create this type of custom funnel fairly easy and fast.

Be very selective in your ad targeting. Determine your exact target market and use the power of Facebook’s targeting features to narrow down to that exact audience for your ads. HINT: Your ideal audience is likely people just like yourself and would resonate with you.

*If you join my team here, we have more training for generating leads and building your home business using Facebook Ads available as member-only content… and of course you will have a lot more personal support and done-for-you content.

YouTube Ads

Running YouTube video ads is powerful, and can create a lot of traffic, leads and sales quickly if you follow a few simple guidelines and take the time to really dial in your campaigns. This requires a Google Adwords account, then you simply setup a Video Ads Campaign.

Here are some tips to keep your account safe, and maximize your success:

  1. I recommend you keep your videos short 1 – 3 minutes in length.
  1. This video format has worked best for me… Introduction, brief background and relatable personal story, how I solved the problem, share personal/social proof, call to action.
  1. Make sure your tracking link to your capture page is the first thing in your video description.
  1. Target specific keywords that your ideal prospect is searching on.
  1. Make sure EVERYTHING is mobile optimized.

A Quick Note About The Importance Of Tracking…

Tracking your traffic and results is super important, especially with paid traffic. If you’re not tracking and cannot measure exactly what your conversion rate is, where your leads are coming from, how much a new customer is costing you, etc… you’re not really building a business, you’re flying blind and just throwing your dollars at something in hope to get results.

These days, it very easy to track everything, and even split-test everything. Here is an inexpensive tracking tool with great features I use and recommend:

ClickMagick – Reasonable cost, easy to use basic tracking with detailed tracking, masking, mobile optimized, shows quality of incoming traffic to your site, and allows for rotators with split testing.

The 5 Biggest Reasons For Failure With Paid Marketing

  1. Spending more to acquire a customer than your customer is worth to you.

If you’re going to be using paid marketing, you need to be sure that your average value per customer is at least $200 or more… (a lot more is recommended). I talk to people all the time that are spending way more to acquire a customer than they ever stand to earn back. If you’re looking for a model that works – I highly recommend this one.

  1. Buying traffic from bogus not worth the time of day sites and vendors

There are many people stalking marketers and making offers of cheap traffic. A good rule to follow is to never buy traffic from someone that approaches you trying to sell you traffic. The vendors that are worth their salt don’t have to stalk anyone. When it comes to traffic sources, get a reliable referral from someone you trust. Cheap traffic is almost always garbage… which actually makes it the most expensive traffic you’ll ever buy.

  1. Not being consistent with your paid marketing

Remember that immediate measurement of success with your traffic is leads… not sales. Those may or may not come on the front end of your funnel. As long as you’re getting a 40% or higher optin rate on your capture page and you’re using reliable traffic sources… that’s a win!

In order to get to the steady stream of sales and upgrades from your paid marketing, you need to take a long term approach with your budget. Set your weekly budget that you can afford and commit to it for the next few months plus. As your results allow, you can increase your budget accordingly and scale up which will increase your income and results.

  1. Not building your list.

Collecting email addresses is the #1 most important thing you can do for your business and long term success. Did you know that most of your sales will come over time from your list as you continue to build your relationship with them. Building a list, but not communicating (emailing them) is almost just as bad. You have to have an effective email marketing strategy… and when you do, that is where you’ll see a shift in your results. We make that all pretty simple for you here and show you exactly how to do it.

  1. Not tracking your results. If you’re not tracking, you have no way of knowing if your campaigns/ads are profitable. Take this very seriously and remain consistent in your daily actions or what we call Income Producing Activities (IPAs).

If you don’t have a paid marketing budget… I recommend you continue to focus on free traffic strategies (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc…) until you do. Just remember, free strategies can take more effort and usually quite a bit more time to develop results.



The average Facebook member has less than 100 friends. If that’s where you’re starting, don’t worry… if you follow this plan, you will be expanding your friends list with people that are interested in what you’re doing.

  1. Make sure you COMPLETE your profile. Add your profile picture, a nice cover image (Fiverr can produce a very nice banner), and complete as much information about yourself as possible. Remember, people join people and buy from people they know, like and trust. If they cannot tell anything about you, or your information has not been updated, it will cost you.
  2. Post daily!… Share helpful, interesting content and be REAL. (blog posts, videos, positive quotes, inspiration, your life/lifestyle. You need to post a variety of things… too much of any one thing and people will start to ignore you. Let people get to know you, and your family through your posts. It’s your own reality show!
  3. Model other successful marketers. Don’t copy… MODEL!!! You can learn so much from observation so follow at least 3-5 top leaders in your space that are getting great engagement on Facebook, and see what they are doing. Contrary to what most marketers are doing the best way to build your business on Facebook is not talk much about your business on Facebook. Instead focus on the stuff in #1 above and when you do post business-related content, approach it from the “solution provider” mindset and position.
  4. Connect with your Leads! When you begin generating leads, add their emails into the Facebook search bar, find their profile, add them as a friend and message them a friendly message telling them why you’ve connected with them. The more of your leads you get connected on Facebook, the better your engagement and results.

*Keep in mind that it takes time and consistent action to develop your reach on Facebook. Don’t give up after a short while… this is a long term asset you’re building.

Follow my personal profile on Facebook here:

*If you join my team here, we have more training for generating leads and building your home business using FREE Facebook marketing strategies available as member-only content.


Video is KING! Nothing creates rapport faster than video… and it’s so easy to do. Just setup a free YouTube channel and get started.

Here’s the process in a nutshell:

  1. Make a list of the problems, challenges, questions that people in your niche struggle with.
  2. Spend a few minutes on Google typing in what people would search to find solutions to those struggles. (TIP: focus on “long-tail keywords” of 5+ words and consider using the google adwords keyword planner tool)
  3. Create a short concise video that shares the solution to that problem. (formula: introduce yourself, share the problem, share the solution, call to action)
  4. Upload your video to your YouTube channel and be sure your keyword phrase is in the title, add your funnel link into your description (be sure it’s in the first 3 lines so it always shows). Be sure your video is set to “Public”.
  5. Share your video across as many social sites as you can. Embed your video into a post on your blog with a link or button under it. Share your blog post with your list.

**Again, If you join my team here, we have more training for generating leads and building your home business using FREE YouTube marketing strategies available as member-only content.

Thank You!

I sincerely hope you have found this very useful for you, be sure to “Connect” on Facebook.  Just let me know you are connecting because you received this PDF because I get many requests per day to connect and am usually careful with whom I connect with versus just everyone 🙂

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**Final Note:  Test, Test, and Test to Find Those Golden Sources As You Go Along In Your Journey.  Make Sure To Always Verify Your Capture/Sales Pages Are Associated To You In Your Testing and Not Sending Traffic To Someone Else.

Author: Lance Sumner

I was born in Sacramento, California and lived in a small suburb town of Rio Linda close to the American River. While growing up I can say one thing for sure about myself and that is I’ve always been a Big Dreamer and that has never changed today. I choose to Keep Challenging Myself and Always Giving to Help Others.

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