Article Ideas to Create Great Content

Article ideas mixing with your creativity to create great content.  Below you will get some good ideas on what you could do and can be helpful in posting on your blog, sending out to your subscribers on your list, and even sharing in other venues.

Article Ideas

Writing articles in relation to your experience, skills gained, and business building savvy you will be able to establish authority as a subject matter expert, brand yourself, and draw a following to those who resonate with you. These are just a few key points that will lead to people becoming involved with you in business and to click on your website or one of your product links.
1) Provide a useful outline or steps such as how to execute a specific action(s) for online marketing. This becomes valuable for the reader they can use and this will have them coming back to see what else you may provide. On top of this, you could throw in a limited time offer related to one of your products or business.

2) Include answers in your articles that solve a problem for people’s issues or pain points. Read related articles and leave a comment with your website link that bring people back to you.

3) You can use your affiliate link(s) when a related idea(s) are written in your articles. Remain congruent to the message with what you link together.

4) You can write advice based on your experiences in your articles and ending with a capture page link for the reader to connect with you and your business. This can be formed up and become one of your developed products as an eBook.

5) Provide a specific method (Traffic, Social Media, etc…) you may have learned to help your business in your articles that the reader could use for themselves.

6) Include some thought provoking business building concepts in your articles. Such as a unique sales tactic or technique that others may have not heard of yet.

7) Conduct interviews of other successful entrepreneurs and place in your articles.

8) Show benefits for something in your articles possibly with a review.

9) You can use objectives laid out that demonstrate on how to reach a specific end-state or goal in your articles. This could be done using bullet statements which are easy to follow and understand.

10) Show where there may be Loopholes maybe in an affiliate product or method that could be used to benefit fellow business builders.

11) Show some kind of Ninja Trick that allow others to get results faster than normal increasing their business profits.

12) Add checklist items that are no-brainer in order items to follow in your articles.

13) Insert models and images that explain something specific in your articles.

14) Layout plans or some type of success gameplan in your articles.

15) Use presentations using powerpoint or some program in your articles.
16) Publish research and factual information in your articles to substantiate a position.

17) Add lessons, lessons learned, or training pieces in your articles.

18) Give assignments to be accomplished on something specific oriented in helping for greater success in your articles.

19) Add opinions subjective or objective, cause discussion in your articles.

20) Dispense and rid of any myths in your articles.

21) List authoritative resources that tie back to what you do or your business in your articles.

22) Issue updates on the latest and greatest in business building tools or technology available in your articles.

23) Provide recommendations based on your experience and previous usage in your articles.

24) Use analysis in your articles possibly by competing methods which shows what may be best to use.

25) Post reminders in your articles of key training, events, etc…

26) You can exhibit pros/cons in your articles.

27) Give directions in your articles for the reader to take a specific action or do something.

28) Show maps, images, and graphics that present the visual and impact the senses in your articles making a greater difference.

29) Present factual statistics over an area such as your website’s google analytics and how it is running in your articles.

30) Cover some history in your articles such as the first network or internet marketing business that came to be.

31) Ad a survey to poll the reader on their issues and pain points in your articles.  Use this valuable information to tailor future added value you will provide.

32) Give specific examples in your articles on a given issue or maybe where one started so far down and broke, but now is highly successful because they never gave up. You could use criticism in your articles, but beware because it may cause quite a bit of feedback negative or positive towards you. So put on your thick skin because this is the nature of business.

33) Absolutely, tell stories in your articles and every business builder knows this works very well.

34) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is another good idea to use in your articles. Finding the FAQs that most people what to know about is just a good idea.

35) You can write thought provoking hints in your articles to keep the reader to the end so they know the whole deal.

36) Another great one is to offer help in your articles where you give one hour of your time to assist in their online success.

37) If you have tips and shortcuts to increase business success then lay them out in your articles.

38) Link to news stories in your articles where it is relevant and this will build authority.

39) Provide coaching and consulting in your articles through key information given to help in others success.

40) Link to videos that are relevant in your articles. This can definitely help in ranking.

41) Give previews on upcoming technologies or releases in your articles.

42) Use and Show processes that provide simplicity with actionable steps for your readers in your articles.

43) Provide a detailed blueprint that assists the readers to overcome obstacles they may be facing or setbacks to achieve higher success.

44) Offer FREE Giveaways and/or Downloads in your articles.

45) Consider using comics in your articles because humor, jokes, and infotainment works great.

46) Provide and present useful templates for the readers in your articles.

47) Publish systems in your articles as an example the funnel system used by your company from capture page to sales video and to the initial offer and then upsells.

48) Comparisons work well in articles and provide an opinion on why one thing may work better than the other. You could have training in your articles. The article signature file may expose a free trial offer. You can add your articles to bundled product sales.

49) Use case studies in your articles which show the importance of a specific position.

Article Ideas Additional Info:
– Create Articles for Newsletters.
– Link Article Signature File to a Free video/audio.
– Create Articles that become eCourses.
– Paste your Articles on Wiki Pages.
– Use Humor and Infotainment.
– Use Articles to Create an eBook.
– Syndicate and Distribute Across the NET.

Article Ideas Final Key Points:
**Make sure to always provide your info, signature block, and associated website links so the reader can connect with you and become a business partner at some point.
***Make sure to always use a Capture Page when promoting and to keep building your list, giveaway something FREE so people will OPTIN to your list.

Example Signature Block Below:

To Limitless Living,

Article Ideas

Lance Sumner
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Dirty Work, Dirty Word People Don’t Like

Dirty Work

Dirty Work

Over the years I’ve spoken to so many people that want to build a business and become financially free.Yet there is always this one thing that sticks out and strikes me as odd.

See, there are so many people who crave and want success.

They want…

…the dream house…

…the expensive very cool car…

…the freedom to travel where they want, when they want…

…and say almost everytime they want to be their own boss.

However, the big mystery is most really don’t want to do what it takes and put in the dirty work, you know that elbow grease stuff with the determination and drive to succeed no matter what it takes to live a life that only some dream about.

For so many, “work” is a dirty 4-letter word, dirty work.  Isn’t that weird though because you are working somewhere for someone to pay the bills, keep a roof over the head of your family, and food on the table.

So again, people learn a new strategy and get fired up about it, but yet do nothing about it with any action in the learn, follow, and do process.

It will always be the same No Action, No Results without the dirty work up front to set yourself and family up for life.

There’s a famous quote that goes something like this…

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

If you’re not making the money you want…

If you still can’t quit your job…

If you’re wondering when you’ll be debt free…

If you’re eager to fire your boss…

Just know this:

It’s worth it.  The DIRTY WORK up front is definitely worth it!

The late hours. The dedication you put in after work. The uncertainty.

In the end, the reward is far greater.

And that’s what’s so odd.

Too many people don’t want to spend a few years working really hard so that they can retire early and enjoy life. (I mean that’s one of the big reasons we work in the first place, right?)

If you’ve hit a plateau or are not sure what action to take, just remember to stick to the plan you may have started in building a business.  Learn the ropes with patience and you’ll be glad you did.

Remember, work like no other today, so you can live like no other tomorrow.

To Limitless Living,

~Lance Sumner

P.S. Embrace the “Dirty” word and see the positive influence it has on your life.

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Blogging as a Business and 10 Key Reasons

Blogging as a Business – 10 Key Reasons

Blogging as a Business

Blogging as a business is undoubtedly a very valuable option for many people and this is for alot of reasons. Think about it Blogging is not just for businesses. It can be beneficial for you personally, professionally, and financially. I am now writing and posting to my Blog which has become a great way to share what I may know, life stories, interests to me and more. I recommend blogging to almost everyone I meet and here are some of the reasons You should be blogging.

1. Audience Attraction

Blogging as a business enables you to reach the masses globally across the Internet. Blogging allows you to promote yourself and your business. Blogging provides the method to attract an audience which can become a targeted one because it provides something of value for the reader and may be meeting a need.

What would you rather click on, a page titled “How to Promote Your Blog”, or a page titled “Buy My Services”? By creating a blog that is of value, you will attract an audience with a higher potential to convert them into customers, business partners, friends, etc…

2. Establish Yourself as an Authority

Blogging and writing on key subjects or topics that are relevant to your target market or audience establish you as an authority within the space. It will improve you as a professional and a trust factor with others.

3. Build Audience Engagement and Gain Rapport

When you are Blogging as a business and draw your audience in based on sharing added value then you will have traffic and it will flow which turns an audience into leads and they may very well become business partners or customers. Blogging definitely keeps the engine running and kicks it in with traffic even from other sources. So stay steady in providing your added value in your posts.

4. Create Opportunity at Every Turn

Blogging will and can lead to other business opportunities. As an example, recognition and then maybe speaking engagements or press and never know what more may come from your presence and shared value across the Net. Blogging as a business is the enabler for you or anyone with something interesting or of value to share and then become identified as an expert within a given area.

5. Pull the Thoughts Together and Learn

When Blogging you will find it is going to drive you into teaching yourself in many things on what you don’t know and will force you into taking the time to express yourself on the things you do know. When you are completing a blog post, your mind will form up in some organized manner how to lay it all out so the reader will follow what you provide, be drawn in, and get the added value you intended. I am sure you will catch yourself with a few gaps in your subjects here and there and you will need to take the time to learn about it. Writing out and getting your point across with your thoughts is a great way to internalize something you’ve learned or experienced.

6. Bring out Your Story

Blogging as a business is going to allow you to be your own press release or trumpet. You can tell your story straight from the heart exactly the way you want it told and without being dependent on anyone else. Just be yourself and you will be your best. When you are writing on a topic of interest, you can decide how you want the story to be explained and what information is needed or not. Blogging allows you to verify before publishing if it is what you intended and are the facts or details covered for the audience.

7. New Horizons and New People

The audience you will attract through blogging may not be just be your “audience.” You will become connected with others that have ended up at your blog then they may become your friends, business partners, or who knows. On many occasions people have messaged me after reading a blog post and connected with me through Facebook and have become friends even business colleagues.

8. Work Hard to Stand Out

I hope you catch this part because it is very interesting. Only 1 percent of Internet users out here are actively creating new content, while the other 99 percent of the participants simply view it ( By blogging as a business, you now have just separated yourself from the 99 percent of people that don’t blog. Remember, standing out is will be very important to make the difference you may want to make.

9. Expertise Verified

Blogs are quite like your resume. When you choose to blog about a topic you would like to be viewed as an authority or expert and you will need to demonstrate this to the readers and audience that you are knowledgeable in the area you have chosen.

10. Make Money Blogging as a Business

If you have a blog with a lot of readers and growing, there may be opportunities to monetize. So many Today are looking for that extra bit or way to make money so being diversified and having additional sources of income can work out in a great way for you. If you are working the day J.O.B. that doesn’t pay squat for the way you would like it to be, or if you would simply like to earn more income and build wealth then blogging can pave that way for you.

So you can wait around and be that 99 percent who just surf around and lurk or You can actually “Stand Out” and make a difference…

Start Blogging Today and Get on the Road to Creating…

Increase Traffic with Info Products

Increase traffic with info products that you can either use as something FREE to give away or even sell online becomes very useful on creating traffic flow back to you and your business.

Increase Traffic

8 Quick Tips to Increase Traffic

Info products can drive and increase traffic to a website, but only if they possess the appropriate content and they are marketed properly.

Tip #1 Write about what you love. Write about what you know. Readers will better be able to appreciate the info products you have created if they can see that you have got at least a semblance of authority to write such works.

Tip #2 Write for the benefit of the readers. It is not enough to write something you are interested in. You must also write in such a way that will benefit your readers. If creating the info product has been a pleasure for you, that is good, but it is not enough to make readers want it. You need to have a specific goal in mind. You need to think of a way that will make the info product a benefit for your readers.

Tip #3 If the new things that you have to share is not enough to make up one info product then it is time to hit the public domain!

These refer to previously published works that you are legally allowed to use as many times as you wish and in any way you want. Works in the public domain can be great filler for your info product; they can provide excellent background data for the few new topics you have come up with. Of course, make sure that any work you do choose to borrow or include is indeed public domain. When in doubt, the US Copyright office can always help you out. Also, there are several websites which only offer public domain works, if you got your sources from these websites then there is no need for additional verification.

Tip #4 What happens if you have got wisdom to impart but no skills to put it on paper, You hire a ghostwriter. Don’t let your writing skills or lack of it hinder you from creating  to increase traffic generating info products. There are so many ghostwriters in the marketplace offering their services for competitive rates.  Choose any one of them and your plans for the Next Great American Info product is back on track.

Tip #5 They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but this sensible advice is rarely heeded. Sure, people know it’s the content that matters, but they prefer to buy books which offer excellent content and equally excellent covers. Once you’re done creating your info product, you need to focus perfecting its marketing aspect: choose an attention-grabbing title as well as a visually appealing cover. Work diligently on the back cover teaser, too.

Tip #6 If possible, divide your content into several sections and make one info product out of each. If you release them one by one, you can guarantee a constant flow of traffic to your website. If that’s not possible then consider writing sequels or related works instead.

Tip #7 Choose the right price for your info products. Free is always best, but if you think you can’t afford to miss out on the opportunity to earn as well from your info products then do make sure you attach just the right price on your info products. More importantly, make it convenient for your readers to purchase your info products.

Tip #8 Spread the word in any way you know how. Post entries about your info products on your blog, create podcasts about it, post shoutouts on your social networking accounts, submit entries to social bookmarking sites. Simply put, don’t completely rely on search engines to do the marketing for your info products.

That wraps it up and please share and comment if you enjoyed this article with tips…



Ins and Outs of Video and Social Network Marketing

It’s almost impossible not to see social network marketing media platforms or visit a company’s website without coming across some type of online video marketing of some type.  Even when we talk to other people, we often talk about the latest youtube viral video we may have seen.  Whether that’s the funny little animal video or an amazing teen singing a well-known song, there’s no doubt that video has been storming the net.

Social Network Marketing

In fact, it is predicted that by this year, approximately 74% of all Internet traffic will be video.  In addition, using the word ‘video’ in your email subject lines increases open rates.  With 78% of people watching online videos every week and 55% each day, it is easy to see that video marketing is quickly taking over the marketing world. 

What is online video marketing?  Basically, video marketing is just incorporating videos into your marketing strategy.  The concept is simple while the execution takes a bit more effort.  If you haven’t set up a video marketing plan as part of your marketing strategy, you better get on it right away.  Many experts claim that 2017 will be the year of the video. 

Setting Up an Online Video and Social Network Marketing Strategy

Setting up a video and social network marketing strategy is not that different from creating a marketing strategy in general.  However, too many it can seem very intimidating.  Like any basic strategy, you’ll need an objective, a focus on the audience, and a place to promote.     

  • Objective: What will you be trying to accomplish with your video?  You shouldn’t be creating a video simply to create a video.  If you do that then consider yourself wasting time and money.  You need to really grip the why before you dive into video marketing.
  • Audience:  Who do yo plan on making this video for? You need to determine your target audience or avatar if you want your online video marketing efforts to have the desired effect.  Without laying that out, your video might not hit home to those who would be most interested and at worst, could steer them off from your business completely.   
  • Promotion: Where will you be sharing your video?  Not a great idea to just create one and then post it only on your website.  How will that draw customers to you? It won’t.  Once you understand who your target audience or avatar and where they hang out, you’ll have a much clearer idea of how and where to promote your video. 

Types of Video Marketing

Online Video marketing has become so pervasive because there are a hundred different ways to do it. So many new opportunities continue to become available.  Social network marketing media platforms, such as Facebook Live, Instagram video, and Snapchat, for video continue to be popular among audiences and marketers are definitely taking advantage. 

Social Network Marketing

Not only are there hundreds of places to post and share your videos but there is a variety of video marketing types as well.  Maybe you want to create storytelling brand videos, online ads, customer testimonials/stories, product videos, whatever it may open to your creativity.  Do yourself a big favor and work on your videos providing a congruent and consistent message with your strategy for the best business results.

Video is “King” the Key to Your Business Success

If you still aren’t convinced you need to invest in online video marketing, you better think twice.  Not only are thousands upon thousands of people watching videos every day, but your competitors have definitely been paying attention and are investing in it to boost their profits. In fact, it is noted that 96% of B2B companies are planning on using online video marketing in their efforts within the next year.  Don’t get left behind and lose your potential customers because of it.

Video marketing is not too complicated for you to figure it out and can provide you a huge return if done correctly.  So take the time to learn the ropes and use it to your benefit.  It is recognized that 52% of marketing professionals claim that video is producing the best ROI.  So better get started and start investing in online video marketing for your business.

Enjoy this Highly Viewed Video…Have a Good Laugh!!!

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