Client Loyalty and Keeping Your Tribe Happy

The key to building client loyalty and a successful online business is finding your tribe, connecting with them, and getting them to support you again and again.

Client Loyalty

Too often people view the world of online business as products, services, customers, and sales. Yes it’s true that those are all key components to starting and growing a successful online business, but if you really want to make it big you have to do more than connect with your consumer base on a productized level. If you really want to live the dream lifestyle as an entrepreneur, you have to build a tribe of raving supporters and keep them engaged in the long-term.

Here are a few ways you can build your tribe and keep them happy:

#1: Leave Comments on Their Blog Posts

If you want to get noticed by people of influence, you have to comment on other people’s blog posts. This is one of the quickest ways to build an audience of raving fans and client loyalty. Bloggers and website owners do notice who comments on their blog, even if you think otherwise. The more thoughtful comments you leave, the better the chance that you will build a relationship with that blogger, and the greater the chance you receive more exposure for your business as a result.

#2: Go the Extra Mile to Follow Through

Online entrepreneurs are extremely busy for most hours of the day, but if you can take some time out to go the extra mile for one of your customers, an affiliate or just someone in your network, you will see a positive effect of client loyalty with your business as a result. The more you give, the more you will receive, as cliché as that might sound.

#3: Ask What you can do to Help and build Client Loyalty

When you offer to help someone in your network or one of your customers, they will remember it forever. Even though the structure of online business differs dramatically from the traditional store-front business model, when it comes to customer service it’s all the same. If you want to truly connect with your tribe of fans, you need to be willing to help them, and not just when they ask you to. Being a successful online entrepreneur means looking for opportunities to improve the life of all of your customers and develop client loyalty, even if you’ve never met them in person in your whole life.

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Author: Lance Sumner

I was born in Sacramento, California and lived in a small suburb town of Rio Linda close to the American River. While growing up I can say one thing for sure about myself and that is I’ve always been a Big Dreamer and that has never changed today. I choose to Keep Challenging Myself and Always Giving to Help Others.

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